Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WHEN IT COMES TO CHI: Do only what you can do and be sure you know what you are doing! PART I

One can assemble a great deal of reference material, such as, books,photos, magazines,newspaper clippings and the like, not to mention anecdotes and testimonial galore, to bolsteer the claims of boeht distinct camps on the issue(s) of CHI, KI, GHI, PRANA, KUNDALINI,etc. etc. These camps consist,of course, of those who believe wholeheartedly,if not fanatically, in the eixistence of such forces, powers, abilities and the like and of those who disbelieve entirely in such, which is dismissed as fraudulent, undemonstrable, explainable in physical or scientific or medical terms or as sheer nonsense. Marvelous feats and deeds, often described as psychic, supernatural,mystical,or magical, have a strong appeal for people,regardless of culture,religion,education or society, and the literature of nearly all peoples is apt to be overwhelming when deeply examined. For those in martial arts, of whatever persuasion, style, school or system,especially for nearly all beginners, young or old, the path is fraught with peril for those who seek to cultivate extraordinary powers of any kind, beyond physical prowness and mental focus, and strewn with both failures and successes as well as pitfalls awaiting many.

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